Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Springtime Entertaining - DIY Tabletop with Daffodils and Pansies

The Season of Spring is in the air with daffodils and pansies.
Here are some simple and easy ways to create spring arrangements that will impress when gathering with friends around the table.

I styled this table with a trio of daffodils nestled in purchased birds nests. So easy to DIY! .

Daffodil season starts in much of the country during March. The small tête-à-tête daffodils are inexpensive and lovely, and available in both supermarkets and flower shops. Be sure to purchase them early when the flower have not fully budded out.

Gently remove the clumps of bulbs from the pot and dirt.  Remove most of the dirt  leaving just enough to support bulbs in nest. 

Place bulbs into bird's nests purchased from the craft store.  Surround with moss to support the bulb. Use a few colored eggs to adorn your arrangement.

Use as one single centerpiece or several for your dining room table.

PS. After the bloom is spent, you can place bulbs in your flower garden for next year's Spring garden.

Or maybe pansies are your cup of tea?
My inspiration here was create a simple garden centerpiece just by using tiny pots of pansies nestled in moss down the center of the table.  

Use a long galvanized tray mounded with moss and set the pots of flowers in.

Projects created for Good Housekeeping magazine
Photos by Michael Partenio

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